Map of the Dallas Pedestrian Network

The Dallas Pedestrian Network is a collection of tunnel and skywalk segments connecting professional offices, hotels, residences and attractions in the heart of downtown Dallas. Unfortunately, navigation of the network was complicated by the fact that no map or clear wayfinding system existed. Over the course of 2011 Noah researched and designed an updated map showing all existing pedestrian routes. The map also highlights access routes to street-level destinations and public transit.  Maps were printed, and an electronic PDF of the final map was made available for download.

Utilizing a successful fundraising campaign on Kickstarter (a crowdfunding website), 10,000 maps were printed for distribution to area businesses. Free maps were made available within the network, and a website was created for public reference. Noah has also led tours and provided commentary on the network.

VISIT THIS SITE for  more information and to download the map.